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3D VR Driving School provides various driving trainings to fit different requirements of different students. In this page, the in-car sessions in the RSE Program are focused. The training processes for other students, who don't need to follow the RSE Program, are similar with these.

 In the RSE Program, driving practice begins from Phase 2, after a learner's licence is issued. The followings are the main contents in the 15 In-Car Sessions. To ensure that learners encounter a variety of driving situations, they must have at least one in-car session at night, one in winter conditions and one in the rain. 

Phase 2: Guided Driving

  • In-Car Session 1: 7 pre-driving habits; Basic manoeuvres: controlling steering, acceleration and braking
  • In-Car Session 2: Turning, simple pulling out and parking, and backing up
  • In-Car Session 3: Perfecting Turns and backing up
  • In-Car Session 4: Changing lanes in different driving situations; Perfecting turns

Phase 3: Semi-Guided Driving

  • In-Car Session 5: Mastering all of the manoeuvres and behaviours learned previously; Formative On-Road Evaluation I
  • In-Car Session 6: Parking and Urban driving; Applying the concepts learned previously to a more difficult environment
  • In-Car Session 7: Rural driving - secondary (200-399) and main (100-199) roads
  • In-Car Session 8: Driving on expressways
  • In-Car Session 9: Perfecting urban driving; More parking and perfecting
  • In-Car Session 10: Mastering all of the manoeuvres and behaviours learned previously; Performing manoeuvres, such as turns, lane changes and various parking, independently; Formative On-Road Evaluation II

Phase 4: Semi-Guided Driving to Independent Driving

  • In-Car Session 11: Perfecting independent driving (manoeuvres and behaviours); Eliminating distractions or reducing them to a minimum
  • In-Car Session 12: Combined in-car session: perfecting driving with a view to being independent on the road (Being a driver or an observer)
  • In-Car Session 13: Combined in-car session: perfecting driving with a view to being independent on the road (Being an observer or a driver)
  • In-Car Session 14: Eco-driving: trip planning, speed control, anticipation, safety margins, etc.
  • In-Car Session 15: Synthesis practice and Evaluation

To achieve maximum effects and make to be distinguished from other driving school as well, 3D VR Driving School executes strict teaching standards and systematic trainings.

  • Teaching step by step, from easy to difficult, simple to complex
  • Using self-made diagrams to present detailed steps in each manoeuvres, such as turns, lane changing and various parking, very very clear and logically easy to remember. Each student loves our professional pedagogical approach
  • Choosing different routes and traffic densities in each in-car session, matching the teaching contents
  • Reviewing manoeuvres and behaviours learnt previously, evaluating levels of the learner, and teaching new contents after he/she masters 75% or more
  • Practice in various environments and traffic densities, getting more experiences
  • Highway driving, experiencing safe entering and exit, safety margins, high speed, lane changing, driving in sharp curves, tunnels, different road surfaces
  • Cultivating learners' good habits to eliminate potential dangers
  • Easy and practical parking methods, various adjustment techniques
  • We never ask learners to just drive, they are always busy with us: learning, practising, observation, anticipation and action!

Students drive in different environments, experiencing different road conditions.

We are very proud of that our students master solid driving techniques, be able to drive with confidence in heavy traffic, and pass the SAAQ road test easily with their own real-time judgements and reactions, everything has been sealed in the strict trainings in 3D VR Driving School.

Safety and confidence come from our strict, standardized and systematic trainings!

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