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驾驶理论 驾驶实践
  • Give both theoretical and practical courses!
  • Keep openning new classes for theoretical courses!
  • For detailed information, please call (514) 678-8989

Theoretical courses given in 3D VR Driving School are comprised of two parts, one is the 12-module (24 hour) classroom theory sealed in the RSE Program, the other is the well-known "Highway Safety Code", "Road Signs and Traffic Signals", and "Driving Techniques", which are not included in the classroom contents in the RSE Program.

There is a bright and large classroom equipped with a projector and internet in 3D VR Driving School.

Students can use internet service in the driving school, 8 computers are connected to the network.

12 modules in the RSE Program

  • Module 1: The Vehicle
  • Module 2: The Driver
  • Module 3: The Environment
  • Module 4: The At-Risk Behaviours
  • Module 5: Evaluation
  • Module 6: Accompanied Driving
  • Module 7: OEA Strategy
  • Module 8: Speed
  • Module 9: Sharing the Road
  • Module 10: Alcohol and Drugs
  • Module 11: Fatigue and Distraction
  • Module 12: Eco-Driving

Highway Safety Code, Road Signs and Traffic Signals, Driving Techniques

Studying Materials

  • Driver's Handbook (Bookstore or 3D VR Driving School)
  • Driving a Passenger Vehicle ( Bookstore or 3D VR Driving School)
  • Road Access Binder (Available in 3D VR Driving School)

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